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SmartHeart, portable 12-lead ECG device & 1 ECG per month

● 24/7 ECG interpretations by US board-certified cardiologists in your state
● Additional ECGs beyond 1 per month billed separately.

At-Home and On-The-Go Service

● Take SmartHeart with you when traveling or use it at home.

1:1 Telehealth Visit with a 
Board-Certified Cardiologist

● A la carte - $65 per consultation

FDA cleared 12-lead ECG device
Free online consultation included
US board-certified cardiologists
Free shipping
Month to month membership
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SmartHeart® Features

Bluetooth connection

Connect your SmartHeart device to the SmartHeart Pro mobile application via Bluetooth for seamless connectivity.

No adhesives or gels

Simply place the electrode belt around your chest while performing an ECG. No messy gels or sticky adhesives are required - just some dabs of water will do.


Battery powered and lightweight, SmartHeart can travel from home to hotel and beyond.

Easy to use

Even patients with no medical training can perform a full ECG at home or on the go – no medical training required!

24/7 Cardiologist Network

A network of licensed, board-certified cardiologists is available around-the-clock to review and provide ECG interpretations.

Portable and Bluetooth Enabled

Weighing about one pound, SmartHeart is convenient, easy-to-use, and compatible with any smartphone or tablet. After following simple Bluetooth pairing instructions for your Apple or Android device, SmartHeart can be used anywhere there’s an internet connection.

24/7 Rapid Results

Get your ECG results automatically and easily share them with your primary care physician and family. For a full interpretation of your results, cardiologists are available for consultation through the SmartHeart Pro mobile application on your smartphone or tablet to provide the peace of mind you deserve quickly. Monitoring your heart health has never been easier.

Personalized Healthcare

Take control of your life with SmartHeart and access the cardiology care you need from home. A team of board-certified cardiologists will help you along your personal health journey - so you can be present for all the big moments in life.

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It's easy to start your membership and easy to give yourself peace of mind through our premier cardiac service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this HSA / FSA eligible?

SmartHeart may be HSA/FSA eligible. Please confirm coverage with your insurance provider.

Does SmartHeart have regulatory clearance?

Yes, SmartHeart is FDA-cleared for use in the United States.

Is SmartHeart️ designed for both men and women of varying body sizes?

Yes, SmartHeart is suitable for both men and women to use. The ECG device comes with a belt that fits to a range of sizes to ensure maximum comfort for all body types.

How quickly will I get my ECG results?

A fully interpreted clinical report will be ready in about 30 minutes and sent directly to the SmartHeart Pro app on your smartphone or tablet.

What do I do with my ECG results once I receive them?

A green alert indicates no urgent findings. Please share your ECG with your physician during your next office visit.

A yellow alert indicates new findings were found that require additional review. Please share your ECG with your physician in the next 48 hours or schedule a telehealth visit with a SmartHeart cardiologist. 

A red alert requires urgent action. Call 911 immediately.

Does SmartHeart work on both Apple and Android phones and tablets?

Yes, SmartHeart works with both Apple and Android devices, and the SmartHeart Pro app can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Can family members and friends use my SmartHeart device? 

No, SmartHeart can only be used by the person who completed a telemedicine consultation and has the prescription written in their name.

Can I use SmartHeart if I have had open heart surgery or an implantable cardiac device?

Yes. Before performing an ECG, include a comment in the app that you have had prior open heart surgery or that you have an implantable cardiac device. Your SmartHeart cardiologist will consider this when completing their interpretation of your exam.

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