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SmartHeart combines the best in ECG technology with the best-in-class telemedicine support. We offer what no other cardiac service can.

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With SmartHeart
  • A full 12-lead ECG
  • 24/7 access to cardiologists
  • No gels or adhesives necessary
  • Detect previous or current heart attack
  • With Other Devices
  • A 1 or 6-lead ECG
  • Zero cardiologist support
  • Cumbersome gels and adhesives
  • Limited view of the heart
  • SmartHeart® by the Numbers

    25+ Years Global Experience
    1M+ ECGs Delivered
    55K+ Users Globally

    How It Works

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    After purchasing, you’ll receive a link to get started. Create a new password when prompted.
    Download the SmartHeart Pro App
    Using the App Store or Google Play Store, download the SmartHeart Pro mobile application onto your smartphone or tablet.
    Insert the Batteries
    Insert two AAA lithium batteries. Press and hold the button until the heart icon is blue and starts flashing.
    Pair Your Device
    Open the SmartHeart Pro mobile application, log in to your account, and enter the PIN code (using serial number found on the back of your device). You’ll be prompted to pair your device.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this HSA/FSA eligible?

    SmartHeart may be HSA/FSA eligible. Please confirm coverage with your insurance provider.

    Does SmartHeart work on both Apple and Android phones and tablets?

    Yes, SmartHeart works with both Apple and Android devices, and the SmartHeart Pro app can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

    Is SmartHear designed for both men and women of varying body sizes?

    Yes, SmartHeart is suitable for both men and women to use. The ECG device comes with a belt that fits to a range of sizes to ensure maximum comfort for all body types.

    Can I use SmartHeart if I have had open heart surgery or an implantable cardiac device?

    Yes. Before performing an ECG, include a comment in the app that you have had prior open heart surgery or that you have an implantable cardiac device. Your SmartHeart cardiologist will consider this when completing their interpretation of your exam.

    Does SmartHeart have regulatory clearance?

    Yes, SmartHeart is FDA-cleared for use in the United States.

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